After hitting Redamak’s burger joint and the antique shops of Saugatuck, Founder’s Brewery in Grand Rapids was up against some serious competition for my first trip to Michigan.

I wasn’t able to make it for Founder’s Fest, but I did stop in for a nightcap. The space is huge, and the patrons seem determined to fill every last inch of it with peanut shells.

3226249219_a3e6d7b335_bI started off with the Centennial, and solid IPA with a quick pine and citrus flavor. I immediately upgraded with the Double Trouble IPA. Not quite double, it’s about half again as strong and the extra sparkling smooths out the citrus into a more apricot flavoring. It even has a bright, almost sun tea quality to it. Extremely drinkable for a hoppy IPA. This is one of the best new beers I’ve had all summer.

I was delighted to see folks walking out with growlers, and after a half-hearted warning from the barkeep, I walked with one of my own.